General terms and conditions

The company Move Moto transports two-wheelers of all types, new and used, from private to private as well as from and to business customers. After agreement, the transport of trike’s or quads is also possible.

Placing of order

An order to the company Move Moto is to be carried out exclusively in written form. With registration of the transport over our order form, you offer to the company Move Moto the contract conclusion obligatorily.
Verbal agreements alone shall remain invalid and cannot be recognized as placing of order.
The acceptance of the order remains at the discretion of Move Moto.
A transport order can only be considered correct if both the pick-up address with telephone number and the delivery address with telephone number are available.


If they choose the payment method “prepayment by bank transfer”, they will be sent a payment request of the transport costs. If you choose the payment method “cash payment”, the transport costs will be paid directly to the driver in cash.
For orders that are booked with the option escrow service, the amount to be paid by us to the commissioned, must be transferred in advance to our escrow account. The account details, as well as the payment request, you will receive in the confirmation email of the transport order. Please note that we can only start planning transport plans for this option as soon as the escrow number has been received on our escrow account.

Conditions of carriage

In the case of vehicles which are equipped with case systems, it must be ensured that these can be removed or should be dismantled in advance. Accessories must be specified in the transport order and properly packed. When the vehicle is handed over, Move Moto will prepare and hand over a handover protocol. Our delivery times are 10-14 working days (Mon-Fri). The delivery times could be extended if a pickup / delivery from the side of pickup or delivery address is not possible. In this case, the order will be rescheduled. In case of damage caused by leaking liquids, the owner / client will be held liable.

Execution of the transports

The company Move Moto plans in a logistic and ecological way, on Fridays until 12:00 o’clock their tours for the following week.
All orders received by then will be included.
Exceptions can arise due to overcapacity, in which case the client will be contacted by the company Move Moto. The client then has the right to object and cancel the order. Otherwise, a new delivery time will be discussed.
The scheduling, in day and time, will be placed within a 2 hour time window. The driver will announce himself by phone to the respective contact about half an hour before arrival. For loading and unloading, 15 minutes are scheduled. These times must be adhered to as a matter of urgency in order to ensure subsequent scheduling.
Fixed schedules in day and time can not be considered.
We drive and work exclusively without subcontractors. Your vehicle will not be passed on to other companies. Orders, which are given to the company Move Moto, are also executed by the company Move Moto.
Acceptance of the vehicles to be transported
The vehicles, both new and used, will not be tested or checked by Move Moto for function in part or in whole.
The vehicles are loaded as handed over by the consignor, by hand and thrust manually without motor assistance of the vehicle.
Spare parts and accessories are transported free of charge within the normal limits (size and value). Only spare parts and accessories specified in the order can be transported, as these can be claimed by the recipient as transport damage in the event of loss or damage.

Cancellation fees

The customer can cancel the contract at any time this must be done in writing or by email to!
– Booking cancellations before the start of scheduling (every Friday after the order is received until 13:00) are free of charge.
– If the order is cancelled after scheduling (Fridays after the order is placed, after 1pm) or up to 1 day before the pickup, 50% of the order amount will be charged.
– If the order is cancelled on the day of pickup, we charge 75% of the order total.
– Empty runs will be charged in full.


When transporting with us, your motorcycle is always insured. Without a surcharge on the stated prices, your motorcycle is insured with 40SZR (50 € / kilogram empty weight). If we transport for example a BMW R1100S with 215 kg empty weight, the machine is insured with 10.750 € against damages and also theft. If a higher insurance value is required, we can provide this with a small extra charge on request.
Escrow service
If the client books the option escrow service, a fee of 1% plus VAT of the escrow amount will be charged. This fee is listed separately in the transport invoice and is to be paid together with the transport costs. The escrow amount must be transferred to the escrow account specified in the order confirmation before scheduling. The escrow service is for cash payment on site, as well as the inspection of the vehicle according to the client’s specifications. The on-site inspection of the vehicle is a purely visual inspection and is not equivalent to an inspection by a technical expert. In this regard, the company Move Moto does not assume any guarantee or liability.

Liability and Liability

The company Move Moto shall be liable for the vehicles to be transported only from the time of takeover from the consignor or an authorized second person until the time of handover to the consignee or a second person authorized by the consignee.
A liability about the function in the part or the whole is excluded.
After proper handover and with signing of the protocol Move Moto is released from liability.
Complaints at a later time cannot be accepted.
Every attempt to claim an already been damage on a vehicle as transport damage can be brought to the charge as attempted insurance fraud!
Since we do not speak ourselves free of errors, we will immediately report any damage caused by us to the recipient or their authorized receptionist and note it in writing on the protocol!
From a liability of transport delays by force majeure of all kinds we speak ourselves free.
Paint scratches as well as traces of use are excluded from the insurance, except for new vehicles. The same applies to damage to the fork oil seals, which can leak due to age during fastening, among other things. In case of loss, no liability is assumed for accessories that are not firmly attached to the vehicle or cannot be assigned due to a lack of labeling.


No liability is assumed for motorcycles that touch down during loading and unloading due to extreme lowering or low ground clearance (and thus scratch underneath the frame or nose spoiler).

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